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Nestled in an alleway, hidden in the Gothic Quarter, explore and unveil the secret of one of the city's most enigmatic area. Hum along until you find us.

Sun Deck

This is where all the magic happens. You have front row tickets to the city's most spectacular show. Feel the flow as the city vibrates in a different way. Every day. Every hour.


Made to seduce all your senses. This central area is our cornerstone. A garden that is alive, where everything revolves around it. Give in to temptation.


Turn down the lights, create an atmosphere. Slip into the shower and get ready to unwind after a jazzy day in the city. Relax like we're your favorite song.

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Creative cuisine where the highest quality ingredients turn into a magnetic combination of flavors. Every twist of the menu catalyzes an endless score of pleasure.


Sound Hall

Step into another level of sound, make your visit as harmonious or 'free' as you want it. We are the composers of a stay to remember.

Adults only.
No pets.
No photos.

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